Aaron Olson

Aaron OlsonAbout Aaron Olson
Aaron was born just outside of Fresno, California, but grew up and spent most of his life in Las Vegas. He started playing drums at the tender age of ten and was touring professionally by the age of 19. In addition to playing drums, he plays guitar and bass and is an accomplished song writer. He’s won several parody contests with notable radio airplay and has sold jingles to national companies.

He has played in many professional bands, including a Rush tribute band, and has extensive experience in the casino and corporate circuits. Aaron started contributing his rock-solid phenomenal skills on the skins to the Fab in 2008. He always appreciated the Beatles growing up, but found out quickly just how great of a drummer he was after mastering Ringo’s simple yet complex drumming style.



Aaron's Gear
Aaron Olson uses: Logos Drums (logosdrumco.com), Sabian cymbals, Pro Mark sticks, Evans drum heads

Albums We Perform Cover to Cover

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Please, Please Me

Hard Days Night


Beatles For Sale

Rubber Soul

Yesterday and Today


Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club

Magical Mystery Tour

White Album

Abbey Road

Hey Jude

Let It Be

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Blue Album

Love Songs

Past Masters Vol 1 & 2