Pat Woodward

About Pat Woodward

Pat was born at a very young age somewhere in Kansas and moved to So Cal at the age of two. He aspired to be a drummer, like the Monkees’ Mickey Dolenz, but was elected to play guitar by the older brothers when he was nine years old. A jack-of-all-trades and a master of many, Pat went on to teach himself to play guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and made a few somewhat unsuccessful attempts at the clarinet. All of this was inspired by his love of rock music, especially the Beatles and their prolific sounds and creative textures.

He went on to play throughout Southern California, starting at backyard parties and moving on to the famous Hollywood club circuit, playing original music and cover material. He moved to Las Vegas in 1990 to start Xpert Guitar Repair, excelling in repair and custom builds. He continues to do so today as a master luthier in Southern Nevada. He realized in 1995 a need and an opportunity to share the music of the Beatles, a dream he’d had since he was a young lad, in a true celebration of the music without the wigs and “Pepper suits”. Pat’s guitar wizardry, Lennon-Harrison esque vocals and extraordinary showmanship is an intrinsic part of the Fab’s engaging brand of entertainment.

Pat's Gear
Pat Woodward uses: Epiphone, Gibson, Fender, Takamine, Vox and Bugara amps, Roland guitar synth, Seymour Duncan pick-ups, Fender strings, Dunlop picks, RockStar Energy drinks and 5-hour energy

Albums We Perform Cover to Cover

With The Beatles

Please, Please Me

Hard Days Night


Beatles For Sale

Rubber Soul

Yesterday and Today


Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club

Magical Mystery Tour

White Album

Abbey Road

Hey Jude

Let It Be

Red Album

Blue Album

Love Songs

Past Masters Vol 1 & 2